So the trend that has been around for some time now which I love is that everyone is wearing bright lipstick…..the brighter the better! From fushia pinks to bold reds, anything goes!

So how do you get away with wearing that bright pop of colour you have been admiring on everyone, but haven’t had the nerve to try yourself? The best way is to firstly choose a shade that you feel comfortable with wearing. It is always best to try a few shades on before buying, to see what looks nice against your skin tone. If possible ask for assistance at the makeup store, or take a friend who you can trust will say what looks good on you. Remember to also think about clothing colours you will be wearing with it. You wouldn’t want to wear a colour that clashes with your outfit. When wearing black or white clothing, then any colour lipstick will go. You can tell usually straight away if a lipstick colour doesn’t suit! Next step is to take the chosen shade whether pink, red, coral, orange and then find a blush that compliments the shade. This rounds out the makeup look and finishes it off. I usually use a blush that is a similar tone to the lipstick, apart from some colours as you can see in the list below. Use softer shades if you have fair skin or brighter\bronzy shades if you have darker skin.

Pink lipsticks= Pink toned blush
Orange lipsticks= Peach toned blush
Red lipsticks= Bronzy or Pink toned blush
Coral lipsticks= Peachy Pink blush
Plum or Dark lipsticks= Pinky plum or bronzy toned blush

If you are wearing a brighter lipstick, it is always best to do a more toned down/nude eye. Even a stroke of eyeliner along the lop lashline and a good coat of mascara is often enough when wearing a bright lip…. Less is more in this case!!

Now that you know the professional steps to wearing a brighter lip, why not go and give it a try! It’s always nice to wear a pop of colour on these cold winter days or on a night out!!

Serenity xx

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