This is simply not a case of wash and wear! When you want (and need!) to look your best, hair and makeup truly can be a girl’s best friend and your crowning glory. Perfectly dressed hair and flawless makeup can literally help you stop traffic. It is appreciated and admired.

Serenity Makeup know that hair and makeup planning requires a strategic thought process. We’re all about making things as easy as possible for you. Because hair and makeup is what we do, we come to you equipped with all the latest in fashion styles and colour combinations so when we leave, all you need to do is wow people as you pass by!

If you are a sassy, confident woman then you might already have a hair style and makeup pairing in mind – that’s OK. Serenity Makeup can perfect your ideas and leave you feeling 100% amazing and ready to take on the world.

If you are a little more shy or uncertain but still want that WOW factor then here are some pointers that you might find handy to consider. It might even help you understand why we suggest certain colour combinations or hair styles for you.


Brown is a luscious hair colour to have but if your brown hair is of a darker tone then you need to stay away from pale foundations. These can leave you looking washed out. Serenity Makeup will mix your hairstyle with a makeup look that has warm tones of purples, burgundy, navy or browns.


If you have any shade of red hair then your make up will be best with Green tones. Green complements your natural skin tones and makes your hair radiant. If Green sounds like a bit too much, then not to worry, redheads can rock other great shades of makeup in the peach, copper and browns colour palettes.


Black hair can command some stunning makeup looks especially if you have been blessed with dark skin tones. If this is the case, then you can rock plums and shimmery makeup hues well. A firm favourite of the Duchess of Cambridge dark kohl eyeliner will bring an extra sparkle to your eyes. If you have black hair but fair skin, then you can end up looking goth-like if your makeup is not right. By adding sheer plum tones to your cheek and lip makeup you will avoid goth status and shine your best beauty instead.


Like the girls with Black or dark hair, blondes have to be wary of the shade of makeup they use. Matte, nude shades blonde girls look older than their years, tired and washed out. Certainly not a look most are after! If you have Blonde hair, then the best makeup for you is to opt for eyeshadows with a slight shimmer (or glitter) and berry shades on your lips and cheeks which will ‘lift’ your natural complexion.

Right, now that we have covered the various shades of hair colour – what kind of styles are in fashion?

Often a lot of thought can be put into what you’re going to wear – your hair and makeup can complete your look. If your hair and makeup aren’t right, all that time and effort – not to leave out cost of a new outfit and shoes – can be in vain. Who wants to look so-so?


If the look you’re after is one of being in control then, a slicked back, high ponytail and dark eyes are the combination you’ll want. If you’re not sure about a high ponytail, then a high bun with smokey eyes will leave you looking amazing. Powerful makeup options include shades of brown, dark purple, dark green or navy.


Maybe you’re going on your first date, a special wedding anniversary or you just want to feel feminine and soft then styling your hair with some loose, feminine, soft and bouncy curls or braiding it into two French braids will help you achieve this look. Romantic and feminine makeup needs pastel shades like dusky pink, sky blue, peach or lilac.


Hitting the town for a night out is fun, exciting and standing out from the crowd is the way to go. Styling your hair for a ‘night out’ can be as varied as the personalities you’ll meet out and about! Whether you have a messy bun, tight curls or you take your hair fixed up on the side of your head you are going to need some funky makeup to finish your look. Serenity Makeup will take your normal makeup up a notch or two to really compliment your ‘night out’ hair. We can do this by adding glittery shades or dark lips. Your makeup needs to be heavier than your ‘day face.’ Seeing as most night out environments have low cast lighting, purple hues in your blush, a dark lipstick or glittery eyeshadow and with thickening mascara and a dark or glittery eyeliner will complete your look and give you the edge you’re after.


If you’re actually doing exercise, considering having your hair and makeup done before hand is probably not high on your list of priorities! However, if you are just wanting to opt for a casual and sporty look, then makeup can really set your style. The idea with makeup for a sporty look is to look natural and bare-faced (even if you’re not!). Pastel shades and light colours in pinks, peaches and beiges are perfect.


Maybe you don’t have an event to attend, and you don’t have a specific look in mind but you just want to be pampered and look your best, for you. Serenity Makeup can help you achieve your best natural look. Using our palettes and experience we can help bring out your natural facial highlights – for some it is their cheekbones, others their eyes, and yet others their lips. Serenity Makeup can help you be the best you with a pampering session that leaves you feel natural and beautiful.

So next time you have a function to attend, a night out with the girls (or boys for that matter!) or you just want to accentuate yourself, give Serenity Makeup a call to get the best hair styling look. We will make you feel fabulous and leave you with your hair and makeup simply incredible.

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