There are many hairdressers around in the city of Auckland. There are some excellent ones that will do an outstanding hair style. So what makes Serenity so great?

Not only is Serenity a great hairdresser, but what is even more great is that she makes it as convenient as possible for you. Serenity provides a mobile hair dressing service which will come to you, to do your hair. This service is available all over Auckland so no matter where you are, you can have the perfect hairstyle!

Serenity’s mobile hair dressing service provides the same service that you would get from a hair dressing salon, but it can be done where ever you need it. Whether you are getting ready for a wedding, a business function, a ball or another special event, Serenity will make sure that you have the right hairstyle for the occasion.

Call 02102282266 to book your session with Serenity and have your hair sorted!

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