Getting ready for a big night out can be stressful, especially if you have to rush home from work and get makeup and hair sorted, not to mention sort out what you are going to wear!! Why don’t you leave all your stress behind and have your makeup done for you at home or work!! It is really relaxing and enjoyable!! Serenity will come to you and discuss what sort of look you are wanting. From a natural pretty look to a high fashion glamor look, Serenity only uses M.A.C product so will leave you with a flawless makeup look, so you look perfect for your event!!

A recent beauty look I did for a Work Event. Dana was in charge of organising and setting up a huge work function and couldn’t leave the venue….. so i came to her! She enjoyed being able to sit and relax for a while in between all the craziness of setting up for a function. End result……Dana looked amazing and returned to the organising within seconds and all relaxed!!

Recent glamorous look i did for Pepper who was about to celebrate her 10th wedding anniversary. Pepper has two small children and couldn’t leave her house which was also the venue for the party… i came to her! Pepper was able to keep an eye on her kids and end up looking glamorous at the same time….PRICELESS!!

Serenity xx

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