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Special Occasion Pricelist


Makeup and Hair- $180*
Makeup and Hair Special- 3 or more ladies at one venue-$160 each*

Makeup/ Hair only-$100*
Makeup/ Hair Special- 3 or more ladies at one venue-$90 each*

Full or Half Strip False Lashes Applied-$20 a pair
Individual Flares False Lashes applied-$10

Travel- Travel may be extra depending on your location that we will be travelling to. Please state what area we will be travelling to on the day so we can quote a travel fee if there is one.

Parking- If parking is required while doing the service, the parking fee will be added to the total amount. Alternatively if we are doing the service at a hotel, we can also charge the parking to your room if you prefer. We always try to find out the parking cost at the time of booking if possible.

*All hair must be washed the night before and dry for when we arrive.

*Please apply mousse before you dry your hair and have no other product in your hair on our arrival.

*Curly/frizzy hair needs to be smoothed by either blowdry or straightening prior to us arriving.

*Curly/frizzy hair that requires smoothing by blowdry/ straightning prior to styling will be $30 on top of quoted price. Please let us know at time of booking so we can allow enough time.

*Any clip in hair extentions that you would like us to put in will be $20 on top of quoted price.

*If you book the Makeup and Hair Special or the Makeup/Hair only Special for 3 ladies but one cancels, you will both need to pay the normal makeup/hair rate.

*You will need to have clean skin on our arrival. You can apply moisturiser if you have a preferred moisturiser that you use.

*Please let us know of any cancellations as soon as possible. Any cancellations with less then 12 hours notice will be invoiced and required to pay the full amount booked for

*Please allow up to 1 hour for makeup/hair appointments or 1.5 hours for makeup and hair appointments (including set up and pack down). If you have long or thick hair, please let us know so we can allow extra timing for this.

Mobile special occasions makeup service in Auckland from Serenity MakeupAny special occasion starts with feeling special yourself! Serenity Makeup offers a makeover service that will leave you feeling gorgeous for any occasion.  You deserve to look amazing! Whether it's your anniversary or you're off on a night out, one of our professional Serenity Makeup artists will use the tips and tricks gained from years of working as a makeup artists/ hair stylists in the fashion and entertainment industries, to give you a makeover that will leave you feeling ready for the red carpet!!
"Weddings, engagements, anniversaries, school balls, work events, social events, parties, hen's nights, photographic... what ever your special occasion, we will make you smile with confidence!"
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Special occasions don't happen every day, which is why having your makeup done professionally makes all the difference to how you look and feel.  Serenity Makeup is mobile, so this means a Serenity Makeup Artist can travel to you in the comfort of your home, work or hotel room when it suits you! One of our artists will consult with you and ask you questions like “What is your special occasion? What are you going to be wearing? What sort of makeup look do you want to achieve? What hair style do you have in mind? If you don't know what sort of look you are wanting or you are unsure of what style of makeup/ hair would suit your outfit, then that's totally fine!! Our team has years of professional makeup/ hair experience, and can help you plan a suitable look whatever the occasion may be!  Serenity Makeup artists is friendly and reliable which makes having your makeup/ hair done a relaxing and enjoyable experience.


For a makeup session with Serenity Makeup, please allow 40 mins to an hour, unless a more specialised makeup is required, in which case Serenity Makeup team will advise you on timing. For makeup and hair, it is best to allow around 1.5 hours or up to 2 hours for more complicated look/ or if you have thick/ long hair It generally takes 10 mins to set up and to pack down.  If you have to be ready in less then the time started, then please advise your artist on this so she can have you ready in time.  If there is more then one person having makeup or hair done, please allow 40 minutes per person for makeup or 30/40 mins for hair.


Please have a chair, and a table or area clear to set everything up.  Natural light is the best kind of lighting to do makeup in, so an area which is exposed to a lot of natural light is best; eg: next to a window or a bathroom with a skylight. Skin should be clean in preparation, and then a light moisturiser of spf 15 or less can be applied. We use mostly m.a.c. products along with other high quality makeup brands but you can moisturise your skin if you have a preferred skincare regtime. If you have a certain makeup/ hair look in mind, you are welcome to have a picture with you to show the style of makeup/ hair that you would like. This can be a good idea if you don't know how to explain what you are wanting to achieve.  Having a look at makeup and hair online can be a great inspiration.


Special occasions makeup service in Auckland from Serenity Makeup.We also do hair styling as a service however if you are booking an appointment with your hairdresser, find out whether they are wanting to wash your hair before they start.  If this is the case, then it is best to book your makeup session after your hair has been styled, so that your foundation around your hairline is not washed off.  If they don't need to wash your hair, then it doesn't matter having your makeup done before your hair is styled.  If your only option is to have your makeup done earlier then your hair, ask your hairdresser to take care around the hairline
when washing.  Most hairdressers are
mindful and will take care if you tell them.

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