There are lots of great things about going to a club for a night out, it’s a great way to get out and about, meet new people and enjoy cutting some shapes on the dance floor.

Going out for a night with friends takes some preparation. So many factors need to be considered – who are you going with? How will you get there? What will you wear?! How will you wear your hair?

Your hair. When was the last time you had your hair styled? Styled? You ask. Yes – sometimes, when you want to look extra special, that 5-day old twist-out just won’t do.

As anyone who’s gotten a really good — or bad — hairstyle knows, hair is so much more than just a look: It can be a reflection and reinforcement of who you are. And when you’re about to go out on the town you want to reflect you at your best!

Sometimes your hair speaks for you, even when you don’t say a thing. Have a long, curly, blonde mane? The world’s going to see you differently than someone with a straight, ombré coif. But, let’s face it, styling your hair alone at home will never be the same as the styling you receive from a professional hair artist.

Women can change their hairstyle as much as 100 times during their lifetime. 100 times!! Can you think of how many times you’ve changed your hair so far? A different cut, a different colour, a middle part, a side part, straight and long, curly and short, soft waves, an undercut – you name it, most of us have tried it by the time we have hit our mid 20s.

With summer so close we can taste it, it’s a given that we’re looking to inspiration from long days spent at the beach, tousled windswept hair, and an array of undone mane moments. If you’re over beach waves, then undone-chic is the name of your summer game. Think on the wavelength of blowout day 3 when your previous styling is still apparent but has relaxed into beauty bliss.

What is in style for 2017?


Sometimes hair around your neck and shoulders feels like you’re wearing a hair scarf, which is why the Bob is so popular. In addition to the cooling relief it provides, the bob provides a strong shape cut into your hair and no matter your hair thickness, everything will basically fall into place.


While a fringe might make you cringe with memories of horrid school photos with a “mum cut” – a well cut fringe just for the summer can make summer bearable and adorable. If you’re feeling a bit daring, a fringe about an inch to an inch and a half works on any length hair. Fringes are definitely fun and flirtatious. But it’s not for everyone.


If you’re looking to grow your hair out there is no time like the present. Long dishevelled layers remove split ends, and create a very soft, ragged edge for a more organic feel.


There’s a built in level of dishevelment that’s just perfect for summer weather and demands imperfection. You can add to the unkemptness by spritzing liberally with beach spray and scrunching your hair.


Embrace the texture that your mumma gave you! Curly girls put down the hot straighteners and airdry and go! Add some curl primer to wet hair and once dry finish it.


Go for a willowy street urchin type of style. A versatile messy cut that gives texture and volume. To retain your natural wave air dry and spritz your whole head with a texturizing spray. You can add waves with a curling iron or done a few small tight braids and unravel them once dry

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